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1. How to redesign a full webapp with Daisy?

Hello designers and devs,

Today we are going to see a feature that we are very proud of at DaisyProject: Completely redesigning a webapp - real fast.

When we started Daisy, we wanted to make life easier between designers and devs. One of the biggest pain point that exists today in web development is to push desigh system updates back into development.

After a business pivot, an update in the branding or simply an ergonomic upgrade, a company may want to rework the interfaces of all their websites and applications. So redesigning is quite common, and developers are pushed to make those updates regularly; that’s not a piece of cake!

Companies who want to redesign their digital products often have to plan months of dedicated development, which often comes with delays. With the Daisy plugin, this task is down to just a few hours. Now, let's see how it's done 👇

Peace 😎


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